3 ways to boost engagement with campaign targeting. 1
3 ways to boost engagement with campaign targeting. 690 286 Clear Choice Studios

3 ways to boost engagement with campaign targeting.

1) Demographic personalization
One of the most widely used and continually effective forms of personalization is by using demographics. By finding your target audience for a specific area through in-house data, you can adjust content, campaign advertisements, and social media flow that come across at specific times throughout the days when potential clientele are most engaged.

2) Dynamic personalization
Centered on sending content or product suggestions based on geographical location or other browsing activities, this form of personalization will evolve based on the conditions around it.

78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. So, if you’re able to apply this method you can spark local engagement and drive people in the direction you want them to go.

By analyzing the demographic data and insights, and using these insights to create dynamic content it creates maximum engagement, it’s possible for businesses to forge real bonds with prospective clientele.

3) Behavior-based personalization
Behavioral personalization focuses on what a customer does instead of who they are or their surrounding environment. This style of personalization stays relevant all the time, therefore, offering businesses a better chance of delivering content that is likely to show real interest to a potential client at times of their decision making.