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Introducing FlexVids

FlexVids are videos we create that can be modified to fit any industry or category. Usually they are creative, fun and eye catching. These types of videos are proven to grab attention and spark interest.

How Does it work?

It is actually quite simple.

We pre-produce, marketing video ads for your industry. As a result it saves you a lot of money. We have seen 30 second commercials spots go from $2000 up to $50,000 and beyond.

Once a marketing video reaches a certain amount of sales, consequently we vault it so it doesn’t get saturated in a market.

It’s as simple as finding a marketing video ad that you like and ordering it, then get it customized to suite your business. Share the heck out of it.


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Choose your industry, browse and select a pre-made marketing video, that you want to customize. We can customize multiple things like your company logo, info, onscreen text & colors and MORE.


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Purchase your marketing video & any options. We will contact you to get specific details from you. You need rush processing? Optional screen sizes like vertical video? More personalize? We got you.

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Share it on ALL of your social media platforms. (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram Etc.) Put your new marketing video in your email newsletters, sms campaigns, trade show, you decide.

More categories on their way.

We have other pre-made, marketing video ads getting ready to be released. We vault videos as they sell limited numbers. We do this so the market doesn’t get flooded with the same video. There are some in production coming soon. But until they are live take advantage of the deal below! Our loss is your gain

If you need a pre-made marketing video ad and your field is not listed contact us and we will have one ready for you in 48 hrs. In addition you will get 25% OFF since we were out of stock!

Clear Choice Studios - video production services.

Not looking for pre-made video?

Have your own vision in mind? Need to promote a product or service? Clear Choice Studios offers a wide range of video production services. Such as TV commercials, product video, white board explainers, meeting openers, testimonials, music videos, logo reveals even employee orientation.

Guiding you through every step, from consultation and script writing. In addition to as timelines and pre/post production.

Get on location filming or come to our loctaion. Moreover we have a large collection of stock footage, music and images with extended licenses available.